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Ray L. Hauser, PhD, PE
5758 Rustic Knolls Drive
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Tel 303-527-0344, Fax 303-527-0758
Web pages: www.rayhauser.com
e-mail: rayh@rayhauser.com

Expertise in materials and process engineering, safety engineering, creativity, trade secrets and patents.
Developments and inventions since 1951. Credible, persuasive courtroom testimony since 1962.


Polymeric Materials
  • Sporting Goods
  • Plastics, industrial
  •        Skis, Boots, Poles
  • Plastics, medical
  • Roofing Materials
  • Plastics, consumer
  • Composites, Fiberglass
  • Medications and Chemicals
  • Adhesive Performance
  • Sprayed Coatings
  • Intellectual Property
  • Coil Coatings
  •        Patent Litigation
  • Elastomers (Rubber)
  •        Patent Applications
  • Plastic Pipe
  •        Trade Secret Litigation
  • Fires
  • Toxic Vapors
  •        Ignition Characteristics        Toxic Injury Potential
           Burning Rates  
           Flammability Hazard Index  
  • Explosions

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  • Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers, Inc.
  • History:  Ray Hauser was co-founder of Hauser Laboratories in 1961 and was a Director of the public company, Hauser Chemical Research, Inc. from 1983 until 1997. He sold the laboratory to the public company in December 1989, and has completed a ten-year employment agreement with that firm. He has chosen to work independently, but he has available the engineering and chemical services from friends at Hauser Laboratories division of Microbac when lab services are needed for clients.

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